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Triết lý về ngoại thất của chúng tôi rất đơn giản...tạo ra những bộ sưu tập độc đáo, hài hòa và bền bỉ với thiên nhiên.

Our philosophy is simple...to produce fabulous outdoor furniture that is always in harmony with nature.


Mỗi sản phẩm ngoại thất của Sunharmon là tâm huyết của cả một đội ngũ thiết kế sáng tạo, các chuyên viên kỹ thuật kinh nghiệm cùng những nghệ nhân thủ công lành nghề.

Our products are skillfully crafted of high-grade materials chosen for beauty, strength, durability and long-term performance in all weather conditions. 

Sunbrella® fabrics are made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber which guarantees unsurpassed color brilliance. Solution-dyed acrylic fibers are created through a unique process that adds pigments during fiber production making the color and the fabric just one product.
As a result, even over an extended period of time, the Sunbrella® fabrics used in our sofas, cushions, and umbrellas remain colorfast, water repellent, fade and stain resistant and are therefore perfect for your living spaces even outdoors. Sunbrella® furniture fabrics carry a 5-year
limited warranty against loss of color depth under normal exposure conditions including sunlight, mildew, rot and atmospheric chemicals.

Quick Dry Foam® is reticulated foam produced by “Hydro-Blast Reticulation” and has large, open pores which permit maximum water drainage and air circulation. It uses UreGard, a special built-in formula for anti-microbial protection, prohibiting the growth of mold and fungi. This makes it the ideal foam for cushions made for outdoor applications.
Quick Dry Foam® is available in various cushion firmness and may also be lightly over-wrapped with non-woven fiber padding for that extra plush.

Batyline® fabrics do not deform or create pockets. Precontraint® Ferrari® technology, the basis of the unique process, ensures the fabric’s outstanding dimensional stability. In addition to its time-proven technical advantages— exceptional tear strength, excellent UV radiation resistance, mold resistance, and remarkable robustness —Batyline® bears the Oko-Tex Fabric Confidence label, guaranteeing optimum, faultless safety in relation to human health.
Batyline® fabrics can be cleaned by just the wipe of a sponge with soapy water. It dries quickly because of the openwork structure and has an anti-fungal treatment. It has a limited two-year warranty.

Phifertex sling fabrics are woven from durable, resilient PVC-coated polyester yarns. This material is extremely strong and flexible but has a very little stretch, meaning it won’t sag or tear under pressure. Its PVC vinyl-coating also means that the fabric performs beautifully in all kinds of weather, is water resistant, and can also withstand UV rays. No maintenance required: use a wet cloth or soapy water.

Teak is a superior wood species renowned for its golden
color and weather-resistant properties. Teak ages beautifully into a silver-grey color but the original appearance can be maintained if treated with a suitable teak sealer oil. We offer both plantation Teak FSC from all over the world as well as reclaimed Teak from Southeast Asia.

High-Pressure decorative Laminates (HPL), consisting of a surface of decorative paper(s) impregnated with aminoplastic resins and a core made of layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic thermosetting resins. All the layers are bonded together with simultaneous application of heat and high specific pressure to obtain a homogeneous non-porous material with increased density. Easy maintenance and cleaning, no special maintenance required. Scratch resistant. Ours advise: if you buy an extending table with a HPL top and if the table stays all year long exposed at the UV’s, keep the table open to avoid discoloration between extension and tops.

Wood plastic composite is made from high quality wood sawdust and polyethylene resin. WPC requires no maintenance at all during its lifecycle.

Spare parts (screw, tension bars for Sling or Batyline fabrics)
in stainless steel. Regular maintenance when the appearance of oxidation tasks.

Extruded aluminum tube, painting with powder coating. No maintenance required

100% Solution dyed polyester fabric. Sunharmon® fabrics are dyed in the solution of the polyester fiber ensuring an excellent UV color fastness and allowing duration and vividness prolonged in time. Sunharmon® fabrics resist fading and degradation from UV sunlight and chemical exposure. Highly water repellent, anti-stain, and anti-mildew treatment. Eco-friendly and in harmony with nature. Sunharmon® fabrics are made of non-toxic materials and environmentally friendly production process with no fluorine and heavy metal emission. Easy care, soft and elegant hand feel. Three-year warranty. Sunharmon® fabrics are guaranteed for 3 years concerning UV resistance and the colorfastness.


Sunharmon wicker & rope has remarkable features and is produced from HDPE plastic & polyester. It is suitable for outdoor applications and guarantees durability in all weather conditions. This is a non-toxic material and can be recycled. Besides, Sunharmon wicker & rope is fade resistant, durable and environment-friendly.

With a wide variety of colors and dimensions, Sunharmon wicker & rope can be flexibly matched with any design styles and color scheme. Sunharmon wicker & rope is guaranteed not to fade, crack or deform within 3 years under normal use.





Đây cũng là nơi tình yêu thiên nhiên của chúng tôi bắt đầu

This outdoor lifestyle is where our love for nature began.


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