A place for gentle reflection and understated warmth.
Bring tasteful elegance to your household with the Takasho Series of lifestyle products.

The essence of Japan

Enjoy the beauty of traditional Japanese bamboo material in your home forever. Takasho Bamboo, a brand of the highest quality, was created for this purpose.
We have carried on the timeless techniques of traditional Kyoto craftsmen to create attractive panels that replicate the look of natural bamboo fences.
Experience the beauty of lasting Japanese craftsmanship in your home.


We take pride in the quality of Ever Bamboo, which is strong enough to last for at least two decades.


The three dimensional shape creates beautifully subtle shadows.


Luxurious feel, texture and durability.


The final touches have been perfected by hand, giving 
unrivaled attention to detail.

The toned black lines of Black Bamboo create a polished, crisp impression.
Subdued and tasteful, yet with a contemporary, modern feel. 
Takasho panels deliver deep, delicate colors and rhythmical three-dimensional textures.
Every beautiful detail has been carefully replicated.

Takasho's careful attention to detail is thoroughly demonstrated in the shape, form, and color tones of our bamboo.
In particular, the multihued color tones of the bamboo add a sense of subdued refinement known as "wabi-sabi."
Takasho is proud of the techniques that we have refined and perfected over many years, culminating in the most realistic bamboo reproductions available on the market.

Our Antique Bamboo panels have been carefully created to reproduce the seasoned appearance of aged bamboo, which would usually take many years to achieve.
In comparison to Yellow Bamboo, Antique Bamboo adds an extra depth of flavor to create a highly dignified space of understated beauty.

Distinctive yet delicate young bamboo shoots have been woven together to create beautiful shadows that resonate with depth of color.

From whichever angle you view the panels, the three dimensional shape of the carefully wicked bamboo emits soft shadows and subtly changing colors, to create a feeling of unique elegance and luxury.




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